The city of New Haven is a beautiful place and the local government is continually doing its best for the improvement or development of the city. The implementation of its objectives is still on-going. For the related departments and agencies, it includes the Building Department, City Plan, Commission on Equal Opportunity, Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism, Economic Development Corporation of New Haven, Housing Authority of New Haven, Livable City Initiative, Park New Haven, Port of New Haven, Office of Business Development, Transportation, Traffic, and Parking.

The Tweed Airport is also included. All of these are continually being developed for the benefit of all the residents. It is not only for the local government officials. Let’s discuss some of these departments and agencies. One of the most important departments is the Building Department or the Office of Building Inspection & Enforcement. The ones who seek advice and inspection services from this department are the homeowners, contractors, and developers. Another important department is the Commission on Equal Opportunities that encourages local residents.

To be specific, it encourages the residents to have an equal opportunity regardless of race, religion, sex, marital status, and more. The Department or Division of Arts, Culture, and Tourism has a very important role in the development of the city. It has the main mission to improve the quality of life of the local residents by encouraging the artists, arts and cultural organizations to share their skills and talents and be active in promoting events in the city which shows the arts and culture of the city.