For the development of the city, there are some private organizations or sectors that serves as the city’s community partners. One of them is the REX Development or the Regional Economic Xcelleration. It offers services all throughout the city. For the enhancement of the city’s positive image, the role and mission of the┬áMarket New Haven is very important. It helps in the improvement of the prosperity of the city, its residents, and its businesses. Also, the Tweed New Haven Regional Airport offer services both domestic and international flights.

For those who want to build their own business in the city, they can seek help and advice from the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce. CTRides too help the people living in the city including tourists in terms of transportation. The Special Services Districts include Whalley Avenue Special Services District, Grand Avenue Special Services District, Chapel West Special Services District, and Town Green Special Services District. And some other community partners include Connecticut Economic Resource Center and Downtown New Haven’s Visitor Info Center.

All of these are the community partners of the city which helps in the improvement of the city as well as for the enhancement of a quality life of the people living in the city regardless of race or color, gender, marital status, social status, or religion. Without the public or private sectors and organizations, any city will not have any improvements. Through these public and private sectors, everyone living in the city can feel comfortable and at ease.