For the economic development of the City of New Haven, the administration has a mission and also objectives which the administrator and the other staffs are trying to achieve. Just like other cities around the world, the local government of New Haven also have its own goals and objectives. One of which is to advance as a world-class city. The goals and objectives of the city’s administration is for the benefit of all those who want to have a well-paying and career-oriented job for a better future.

In order to do so, its objectives is to attract and retain quality companies in the city. Both public and private sectors for investment and business partnership are being secured. In this way too, the high technology and all other industries like food processing industries, advanced manufacturing industries, and health care industries can be built more. Another objective that has to be achieved for the accomplishment of the administration’s mission is to develop local jobs and businesses for better opportunities to all the residents.

Another objective of New Haven’s Economic Development is to revitalize its neighborhoods. Both communities downtown and throughout the city will be enhanced and developed. Again, this objective is for all the benefit of the residents who want to have a high quality housing and retail options. The city’s global competitiveness is another objective of the government, increasing its connectivity for the city’s own economic development and for greater opportunities to all the local residents all throughout the city of New Haven.